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VITIS is a non-commercial toolkit for Viticulture Research and Practice, which ranges from web-based environments for data management, visualization and predictive model execution to mobile apps (and sensors) for in-field data collection.

Data Sources


International Organization of Vine and Wine and the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA), Laboratory of Viticulture. The dataset incorporates information on the characteristics of the core 68 varieties cultivated in Greece.


Genetic information for the different grape varieties is acquired via the Vitis International Variety Catalogue (VIVC), the Pl@ntGrape Catalogue, the Italian Vitis Database (IVD), the Swiss Vitis Microsatellite Database (SVMD) and experimental results provided by the Laboratory of Viticulture of the Agricultural University of Athens.


Publications and other educational and scientific material pertaining to viticulture is extracted from the AGRIS, PubMed, and CORE registries.


Weather Data are collected via publicly available APIs, like OpenWeatherMap, Weather Underground and AccuWeather. Climate data are acquired via the National Centers for Environmental Information database. Weather forecasts for the different regions are informed via the Dark Sky service.


Satellite Images used in VITIS are available from the European Space Agency as part of the SENTINEL-2 mission, offering high-quality images at a resolution of 10 meters. The images are collected, processed and annotated by GeoCledian.


The source data for the maps used in VITIS are part of the Natural Earth public domain map dataset. VITIS services operate over the 1:10 m maps of the dataset, the highest available resolution.

Domain Experts


VITIS collaborates with an expert group of people associated with the Laboratory of Viticulture of the Agricultural University of Athens, led by Dr. Maritina Stavrakaki.


For aligning its services to the growers community’s requirements, VITIS collaborates with the "Kontogiannis Family" (facebook). The main contact point for VITIS activities is Theodore Kontogiannis.


VITIS has access to a multitude of winemakers via its liaison with the Laboratory of Viticulture of the Agricultural University of Athens. The "Kontogiannis Family" supporting VITIS has winemaking and distributing facilities, providing expert consultation also for this stakeholder community.

Developed by


The front-end of the VITIS service is developed by Agroknow, following the design and requirements specifications set in collaboration with researchers of the Laboratory of Viticulture of Agricultural University of Athens.


The Information Discovery, Information Extraction and Data Linking services used by VITIS are designed and developed by Agroknow.


The different conceptualizations of different complexity used within VITIS (thesauri, vocabularies, taxonomies, ontologies, etc.) are managed and maintained and updated by Agroknow and Semantic Web Company, using an SWC PoolParty installation.


The mobile applications incorporated in the VITIS toolkit are developed by Agroknow, following a design informed by the experts representing the growers and winemakers communities.

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All data gathered, ingested and produced by the different VITIS applications are stored in the Agroknow Datacenter in the Innovation and Incubation Center KU Leuven.


The VITIS back-bone services are executed over a cluster of four Virtual Machines in GRNET’s OKEANOS cloud service.

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