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[ 2009 ]
Journal of Agricultural Sciences, Belgrade

The determination of titratable acidity and total tannins in red wine

Rajković Miloš B., Sredović Ivana D.

Titration acidity and content of total tannins in mass-market red wines are analysed in this paper. The content of total acids in wine, expressed through wine acid, was analysed by potentiometric titration on 7.00 pH value. According to titratable acidity in analysed wines, all wines (only) with analysed parameters according to Regulations about wine quality. The analysis of differential potentiometric curves shows that these curves can give the answer to the question if non organic substances, amino groups and phenols are present in wine in large quantity, as they are always present in wine. However it doesn't give the clear answer which substances are present in analysed samples. The answer to this question can be received only by the method of ionic chromatography. The content of total tannins shows short time of storage in wine cellars so wine wasn't stored long enough, i.e. they are commercial wines made for mass market production and consumption. Although they have less content of total tannin materials of given values, wine taste gives the correlation with other polyphenol materials that only give odour, aroma and bouquet to wine. The relative error of mean value is very low which indicates the reproduction of results and reliability of the method of determination of total tannins in red wine.

Keywords: grapevine, Vitis vinifera L, organic pest management, pests, diseases

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