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[ 2012 ]
Agriculturae Conspectus Scientifi cus. Agric. conspec. sci

Eff ects of Maceration Duration on the Phenolic Composition and Antioxidant Capacity of 'Teran' (Vitis vinifera L.) Wine

Kristijan Damijanić, Mario Staver, Karin Kovačević Ganić, Marijan Bubola, Ingrid Palman

Eff ects of maceration duration on the phenolic composition and antioxidant capacity in red grapevine variety 'Teran' (Vitis vinifera L.) was investigated in this study. Total phenolics, fl avonoids, nonfl avonoids, individual and total anthocyanins, vanilin index and antioxidant capacity measured by DPPH, ABST and FRAP methods were determined in 'Teran' wines during fi ve diff erent skin maceration periods (3, 7, 12, 17 and 21 days). Th e highest increase in the concentration of the most phenolic compounds and antioxidant capacity was obtained between the 3 rd and 7 th day of macera-tion. Prolonging the maceration from 7 to 21 days did not lead to signifi cantly higher concentrations of total phenolics, fl avonoids, nonfl avonoids, total anthocyanins and antioxidant capacity measured with ABTS and FRAP methods. It is concluded that maceration duration of seven days is the most appropriate in order to obtain high concentrations of total phenolics and anthocyanins and high antioxidant capacity of 'Teran' wines.

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