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[ 2013 ]
Albanian Journal of Agricultural Sciences

Statistical methods assessment of the relations between some features of the endogenous grape cultivars Shesh i Zi and Shesh i Bardhe

Edlira Kukali, Hipokrat Fiku, Brunilda Shpendi

To clarify the factors and the Heritage genetic basis of both vine cultivar Shesh I zi & Shesh I Bardhe, reviewed several features in two eco zones (Gjokaj, Peze Helmes) reference origin (Kulle, Sukth). The experiment deals with variances and statistical testing variability between two grapevine cultivars. In general, the variables of the two cultivars have differences with each other within the environment of origin and between the two areas. Genotypes expressed deviations from the population average standard (X med). Zone factor is responsible for 57.5% of average distribution μ ± 1δ border values of the average, while the limits μ ± 2δ ± 3δ, 99.9% of the values. In productivity contributed not only hereditary but environmental factors. The number and weight of the bunch, the percentage of sugar, pH and leaf characteristics appear with genetic similarities, respectively 50-60%, while the rest of the variability influenced by environmental factors. Reducing the number of bunch is as sociated with increased weight of bunch (and vice versa), with a correlation coefficient, r ² = 0838. Higher value for the similarity (heritability), confirmed the pH and the percentage of sugar in three areas.

Keywords: Genetic factors, heritability, Shesh i Zi, , Shesh i Bardhe, correlation

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