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[ 2003 ]
Journal of Agricultural Sciences, Belgrade

Climatic specifications of Ohrid area of vineyards

Ilić-Popova Srebra

The purpose of the research is the examination of the climatic characteristics, indexes and coefficients in the Ohrid area of vineyards. In the region under study the average annual air temperature was 11.5ºC, and the vegetative air temperature had a value of 16.7ºC. The annual temperature sum was 4198ºC, and ranged from 4033ºC to 4524ºC. The vegetative sum had a value of 3570ºC , and it ranged from 3326ºC to 3754ºC. The annual rain sum was 665 mm, and ranged from 483 mm to 927 mm. The vegetative rain sum had a value of 342 mm, and ranged from 200 mm to 541mm. On the basis of the values of effective temperature sum, it can be concluded that the Ohrid area of vineyards belongs to the climatic zone B. The values of the hydro-thermic coefficient indicated that in the area of vineyards, where the research was conducted, there was an irregular schedule of humidity. The helio-thermic coefficient had a value of 4.4. The bio-climatic index had a value of 7.7, and ranged from 4.8 to 15.2. The results of this research indicate that the Ohrid area of vineyards is favorable for production of table and wine grape for varieties that ripen from I to II epoch.

Keywords: phenology, temperature, precipitation, white vine grape

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