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[ 2004 ]
Journal of Agricultural Sciences, Belgrade

Phenological observation of white grape varieties in the grape growing area of Grocka

Sivčev Branislava, Petrović Nevena

Phenological stages of white wine varieties grown in the Radmilovac collection vineyard were recorded during a three-year period. The included stages were: time of bud burst-shoot growth, flowering, véraison and full ripening. The number of days, sum of active and sum of effective temperatures were established for each phenological stage, 12 features in total. The features such as the length of vegetative period from bud burst to full ripening and sum of active temperatures for the same period were of crucial importance for the classification of varieties. Based on climate characteristics and phenological observations of plant organ growth and development in some cultivars, the total of 66 cultivars, of 71 investigated, can be grown at Radmilovac. Late-maturing varieties cannot be successfully grown.

Keywords: white wine cultivars, fruitfulness, grape quantity and quality

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