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Aidani Aspro

Aidani lefko is an old white grapevine variety of polyclonal synthesis with aromatic clones (Moschaidana). It is most likely of eastern origin with Adana being the possible initial cultivation centre, hence Adani, Aidani from alteration of the name. In Greece, it was cultivated for the first time most likely in Naxos, where “Apeiranthitis oenos” was produced. From there, it was transferred to the other Cyclades islands and Crete. Aidani was part of the Cretan Malvasia blend. The cultivation of Aidani lefko is recommended for the viticultural area of Cyclades (which is the main cultivation center), for Prefectures of Attica, Piraeus, Evvoia and Fthiotida. It is also mentioned as Aspraidano, Aidani, Adani, Aidani aspro.

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